Monday, March 31, 2008

Stay Safe on the Road - Badge Activity "1"

These are important safety rules for the road and your vacation spot.
  1. Put together a first aide kit for the drive. That includes bandages, antibiotics and other important items like those.

  2. Make sure to bring cell phones and phone numbers.

  3. Get the windows clean the day before the drive.

  4. One word- Starbucks

  5. Wear your seat belts.

  6. Bring change for phone booths.

  7. Check your car for oil leaks, flat tires, etc.

  8. Have a handy map to know where you're going.

  9. Always stay with an adult, or older sibling.

  10. Set up a meeting place.

  11. Be very careful crossing streets.

  12. Know you phone number and home address, or hotel address, or Grandma and Grandpa's address.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Wednesday And Thursday

This is a fun pic of me next to my sister! We went to Virginia City on Wednesday and ate at a Chinese restaurant.
After we ate we went to my favorite horse shop, a non-profit organization to protect wild horses in Northern Nevada. This is a picture of Micaela and I in front of it.I bought this great bag at the horse shop. When you buy something there you're helping wild horses. I loved this bag because it says my grandma's town that she lives in, Dayton, Nevada!

This is me sitting on an old horse. You can see me wearing my sweats because it was super chilly! After this we headed to a casino called Bonanza. I got two stuffed animals from the animal crane. They were two horses. I named them Mandy and Candy.
This is a funny pic of us in a camel race stand. It was funny when we looked at our picture.
This is the last place we went. We went to the post office then here. This is a Visitor Center. I am standing next to this beautiful old Victorian dress. Below is a picture of my sister and I outside the Visitor Center:
Yesterday, we had a long trip home. I was really sad having to leave my grandma's house. I missed my grandpa Tony too. I was crying at first but I thought of seeing my two cats, Jack and Stella. It was great to be home!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This is Me standing next to my new Build-a-Bear, Emily. She is the rabbit on the right. I got her on Monday. The other one is Suzy. I got her for my ninth birthday.
This is Suzy and Emily sitting together at the table. They were having lots of fun!!

Yesterday we went to many places. We went to the Dollar Tree and Borders. Those were my favorite shops. Also we went to Lowes. My sister and I got to sit on the swings and go back and forth. My grandma bought me a new cool jumprope. It is green and blue. After shopping we went outside and I played with my jumprope. My sister rode my grandpa's bike. It was a very fun day. Today we might go to Virginia City. I will be able to see my favorite horse shop ever!

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Chocolate Nugget

This is my sister and I in front of this truck at our favorite Candy Shop, The Chocolate Nugget. They have the best chocolate malt balls ever!

This is me with a jumbo sized lollipop. I was very surprised when I first saw how big it was!

Virginia City

This is my sister and me standing in front of our favorite rock shop. This is where I buy my rocks for my gigantic rock collection known as my Rock Museum.

This is my other favorite rock shop. It has big beautiful rocks and shiny gems.

This is my dad, sister, and me standing in front of the Piper Opera House. This is one of my favorite pictures.

This is a picture of us in front of the Bonanza Casino. It has a great kids arcade. After hard working I got a dalmation from the animal crane and my sister got a bear. I named mine Brooke and my sister named hers Violet.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Long Car Trip

Yesterday, we went on a very long car trip. It was 9 and a half hours long. We drove 467 miles to Dayton, Nevada to visit my grandma and grandpa and their dog, Freddie. After the trip my family was really tired. We had a Easter dinner of ham, potatoe salad, and asparagus. We got Easter baskets with yummy chocolate and candy. Today we are going to Virginia City. It is a old town with shops and shows. We are going to get breakfast at a resturant and then go explore all the shops.

Earning My Travel Badge for Girl Scouts

This is my Girl Scouts travel blog.I am trying to earn my travel badge on my trip to my grandma's house.I will be talking about my trip here.